Q. Can you customise materials or dimensions?

A. Yes, Because all our work is made-to-order we can customise dimensions, materials and finishes on most designs.

Q. Do you sell direct to public?

A. Of Course. Direct to public or trade is just fine with us. You can see our digital showroom here, instagram here, and order a custom job through our online form here.

Q. Can you explain the process of commissioning a bespoke piece?

A. Jump over to our process page here and take a look. It might seem a little daunting for someone outside of the industry but It’s important for us to keep our tight process in place for all customers.

To give you a rough idea: Upon first contact we offer a ballpark figure of the final price along with a breakdown of materials, labor and delivery costs.

If you are happy for us to proceed we offer a detailed quote including sample images of the materials colour and finish specified, a time frame for completion and (if necessary) digital mock-ups of the finished product.

Q. How long will it take to produce?

A. Once we have discussed the complexity of your piece we will give you a ballpark figure for delivery upfront and a tighter timeframe once production starts. Usually this is 6-10 weeks, but this obviously varies from piece-to-piece. Please also note that we can’t always control everything but our emphasis is customer service and letting you know about issues as soon as possible.

Q. Where is your furniture produced?

A. We use factories across greater Melbourne and occasionally outlying cities. We also keep our own workshop humming with new concept prototyping, assembly, painting and tunes.

Q. Do you actually make it start to finish?

A. No, no. (well sometimes). We are a design and production house promoting great design and local manufacturing. We find efficiencies from our network of trusted suppliers and often challenge them with new designs we bring them.  

Q. Wait a minute! Couldn’t I do that?

A. You totally could, however most factories don’t like dealing with the public or one off projects because of the time spent managing such projects. Also, most of our network only deal with one area of furniture production, one piece of furniture might mean managing production over several skilled areas and us connecting the dots.

Q. What timber would you suggest?

A. For environmental and economic reasons we suggest using Australian timbers first and foremost. All of the timber we use are from FSC sources even where the timber is coming from afar.

Q. Why are you so focused on Australian Manufacturing?

A. Jeez, where to start. Keeping people employed is really important to every economy. Unemployment can lead to mental health issues and crime which can further burden the economy. 

It’s almost impossible to offer one off or short run furniture production from overseas. The lead times are crazy and when something goes wrong you’re stuck with something that might not be as you wanted it. Whatcha going to do then?

There is no reason we can't build things for ourselves in this country.  

Q. Do you deliver Australia wide?

A. Yes, if you don’t want to pick it up from our Preston, Victoria, workshop we can arrange our own transport or one of our trusted delivery experts.

Q. Do you deliver overseas?

A. No, we can help you find a local manufacturer, we have some great friends in Europe and the US who are across most of our designs. For the same reasons we believe in Australian manufacturing we also believe in every region having the ability to employ people and make products to exact specifications.

Q. Do you design your own furniture and product ranges?

A. We have an in-house team of designers and collaborate with local and international brands and designers. Private individuals and those in the design trade are most welcome to collaborate with us on a design project.

Q. What materials do you use?

A. We can handcraft custom made furniture from any material provided it has appropriate environmental credentials. Some common examples of materials we use are steel, aluminum, stone, manufactured board and our favorite, Timber.

Q. What types of Australian timbers are available for furniture?

A. Tasmanian Oak, Vic Ash, Black Butt, Jarrah, Stringy Bark, Messmate, Spotted Gum, Blackwood and Reclaimed Timber to name just a few.

Q. Can you finish my furniture in different colours?

A. We can stain, powdercoat, spray paint and hand finish to virtually any colour or specification.

Q. Can I provide a reference photo?

A. We are careful not to infringe on copyright but can use reference images to style a piece of furniture to your liking. We have in the past bought a one off license from international designers to get the exact measurements to work from.

Q. Do you have a showroom?

A. To keep our costs down we do not rent or own a retail space at present. We welcome workshop visits by appointment 0405592217

Q. I like a table I've found on instagram, can you make it?

A. Maybe: If it’s a common design (meaning one that isn’t the work of one particular designer) then we can make something very similar. If it is a unique design then we have in the past contacted the designer to ask for a one off license. If the designer isn’t interested in working with us we can use the design as a basis for a bespoke item for you.

Q. Can you make antique designs?

A. Contemporary designs are our specialty but we are happy to discuss your project. We may pass you along to someone who specialises in that area.

Q. I've got a pretty wacky idea, what are your limits?

A. Please feel free to challenge us.